Northern Town

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During a cold spell in mid-January, near a small town in northern Canada, a meteorite flashes across the sky, explodes in the atmosphere, and falls onto the ice of a nearby lake. The event is witnessed by numerous residents in and around the community, including Brian. Brian has had a bad day, and is inspired by this paranormal happening. He sets out to find the meteorite. Heinz his employer, personal critic, and dubious source of expert information can say nothing to deter him. With the help of Ivison, Brian compiles an aural ethnography of sightings and anecdotal descriptions of the event from the people he talks with. The question "where were you when the meteorite landed?" introduces a device for point of view flashbacks - same event, different point of view - and allows for a thread of humour in which different people recall events differently. This episodic semi-anthology of characters intersecting with our hero's quest allows for storytelling, an all important tradition in the north. As it turns out, it is not hard data, but rather Brian's good nature and good luck that eventually brings him closer to his goal. Things become more complicated when Brian finds himself in a race against time when two mysterious strangers arrive in town, also looking for whatever it was that fell from the sky that night. Georgee, Brian's childhood friend, lends a hand during the curling competition, and then asks Brian to return the favour and assist in carrying out a family commitment. And then there's Mona, the beautiful wildlife officer who thinks often thinks she's a cop and also thinks she should have Brian's attention. The series highlights a multiplicity of colourful lifestyles and the eclectic nature of life in a small northern town. Imbued with gold rush metaphors, the story provides a pointed commentary on the impact of greed, ambition, and good luck. But mostly it is about possibilities and the potential of the individual. Ultimately, it is Brian's journey that is important. It is his quest, and the stories that he uncovers along the way that become our primary focus.
0 h 06 min
TV mini-series, Comedy
Gary Burns
Daniel Janke, Bob Martin, Kate Melville
Luke Kirby, Tom McCamus, Jessica Greco, Nathaniel Arcand, Brian Fidler, David Lawrence, Chief Leonard George, Tracy Wright, David Fox, Sergio Di Zio, John Cassini, Jennifer Spence, Taku Kawai, Michael Hare
Tagish Lake Films Inc./CBC
Danny Iron, Daniel Janke
Director of Photography
Luc Montpellier
Original Music Composer
Daniel Janke