Luke Kirby

Executive Producer

Empire of Dirt

Like many Native families, Lena Mahikan grew up in the cycle of abuse. Her father, a residential school survivor, was an alcoholic until he killed himself when Lena was 10. Her mother, only 14 years her senior, turned to the slots. By the time Lena was 15, she was pregnant…

Feature – Toronto, ON (August 2011 - September 2013)
Line Producer, Production Manager, Post Supervisor

All Hat

In southwestern Ontario, ex-baseball player Ray Dokes, upon being released from jail, returns to his rural hometown to stay temporarily with his deceased father’s Texan friend, small time horse breeder Pete Culpepper, until he has some footing in whatever the next phase of his life. Ray’s two year incarceration was…

Feature - Ontario (September 2006 – June 2007)
Line Producer, Production Manager, Post Supervisor

Northern Town

During a cold spell in mid-January, near a small town in northern Canada, a meteorite flashes across the sky, explodes in the atmosphere, and falls onto the ice of a nearby lake. The event is witnessed by numerous residents in and around the community, including Brian. Brian has had a…

TV Mini-Series – In Yukon (October 2004 – August 2005)
Line Producer, Production Manager, Post Supervisor, Co-Producer

It's Me…Gerald

A television series based on the mokumentry film “Gerald L’Ecuyer: A Filmmakers Journey (2004).

TV Mini-Series (September 2004 – August 2005)