Kate and her nine year old daughter Beth have moved into an old farmhouse outside of a small town. Kate hopes this new beginning will shield her daughter from their horrible past: Her husband Brad was convicted of murdering a young girl, based largely on Kate’s testimony. A mysterious couple…

Feature Film – Simcoe, ON (Feb. 2020 – Jan. 2021)

Do You See What I See?

The potential horror of modern technology is on full display in DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?. The attendees of a secret Christmas launch party for the new app ‘INTHENO’ are targeted by a group of seemingly-random killers. While the attackers lay siege to the party, two sisters must figure…

Feature Film - Ontario

Mark Of Kane

Kane is a force of nature. Walking out of the desert into the dying town of Tuskett, which only 23 people still call home, he has only one purpose: to kill every resident. Soon the surviving townspeople must band together to fight this seemingly-unstoppable evil, or die trying. Brutal, action-packed…

Feature Film


A murderous shapeshifter sets out on a blood-soaked mission to make things right with the woman he loves.

Feature Film - Toronto (Sept. 2017 - May 2018)
Executive Producer, Production Manager

Dead Before Dawn

A group of college kids accidentally create, and then unleash, a curse that makes anyone they come into contact with kill themselves and then turn into zombie demons.

Feature - Niagara Falls (June 2011 – December 2011)