Relative Happiness

When 30 year old LEXI IVY’s romantic view of life is torn apart, she learns that love, however flawed and difficult, does exist.

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Lexie’s one goal is to fall madly in love and she is holding out for Mr. Right to come knocking on the door of her Bed & Breakfast. In small town Nova Scotia, though, finding your soul mate can be at best… challenging. To make matters worse, Lexie is the oldest of three sisters and sees herself as the flawed, least attractive daughter of perfect parents. Lexie envies the lives of her sisters: her younger sister Beth who has a devoted husband to keep her happy and constantly pregnant; and her youngest sister Gabby who is "movie star" beautiful and about to marry her perfect guy, a successful financial wizard. At 30 years of age…and pounds overweight, Lexie’s had no such luck but is sure her ideal soul mate will turn up, someday. Sooner would be better, she thinks, as she listens to the passionate lovemaking of her overnight guests. A compulsive overeater, Lexie indulges in cookies and romantic fantasies — contrary to the opinions of Joss, the gruff handyman fixing her leaky roof, and who seems particularly fond of Lexie. Not that she notices. Then, one day it happens! A charming, handsome stranger named Adrian shows up at Lexie’s bed and breakfast looking for a place to stay. All the signs are there. This is her romantic story about to come to life. When the romance inevitably falls apart, Lexie abandons all hope that love will ever happen for her. Then, when tragedy strikes her family, she begins to believe that perhaps neither love, nor happiness, really exists at all. As Lexie rebels against everyone who tries to help her, including Joss, she sinks deeper and deeper, away from the life she thought she'd be living. Eventually, she is forced to see that although everyone she knows has a flawed, and difficult love, that love really does exist is undeniable. Now she must decide if she can open her mind up enough to let go of the notion of a storybook romance, and let a more "relative" romance into her life. RELATIVE HAPPINESS is a feature length romantic comedy based on the best selling novel by Atlantic Canadian author, Lesley Crewe. It is directed by Deanne Foley (Beat Down), with a script by Lesley Crewe, Sherry White (Crackie, Rookieblue) and Deanne Foley. Alan Collins (Rosa’s Time, The Poet), Jill Knox-Gosse (Grown Up Movie Star) and Lynne Wilson (Love and Savagery, Young Triffie) are producing with Avi Federgreen (Still, I’m Yours) as executive producing.
When 30 year old LEXI IVY’s romantic view of life is torn apart, she learns that love, however flawed and difficult, does exist.
Romantic comedy
Deanne Foley
Lesley Crewe
Melissa Bergland, Aaron Poole, Johnathan Sousa, Susan Kent, Joel-Thomas Hynes, Robb Wells, Jonathan Torrens
Alan Collins, Jill Knox-Gosse, Lynne Wilson, Avi Federgreen
Director of Photography
Original Music Composer