Home Free

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Herb and Audry Homer have had a great love for over fifty years. Their daughters have not been so lucky. This anniversary, Herb and Audry have several surprises in store for their three very different daughters. This year, when the estranged daughters come home for the parent’s 50th anniversary celebration, the parents’ memory lane weekend plans send the family into a whirlwind of revealed family secrets and conflict. Herb, having recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour, has decided not to deteriorate in the old-fashioned way. He’s decided to go on his own terms, in his own time, and what’s more, Audry has decided to “go with” him. Their suicide pact announcement spins the family off into a tumultuous journey, where secret pacts come to light and everything that needs to be said, will be. Throughout the weekend, as all their hidden truths are finally faced head on, the parents wish to make their daughters a family again slowly, and sometimes painfully, becomes a reality. Home Free is a drama, rife with humor, about a family and what it means to be one.
Avi Federgreen
Sarah Deakins, Reese Eveneshen
Avi Federgreen, Laura Tremblay, Emily Foster, Jen Pogue Emily Andrews, Julia Tomasone, Marvin Waxman (EP), Michelle Nolden (EP), Chris Szarka (EP)
Director of Photography
Original Music Composer