County Blooms – Season 1

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Working with flowers as a floral grower, designer, or shop owner can seem like a dreamy way to spend one’s days, but as is life, it's not all roses all the time. Join the vivacious flower-enthusiast Jen Pogue who's all about growth - both in flowers and in life - as she digs deep to learn more of this magnificent craft and industry with Flower Masters of Eastern Ontario themselves, spotlighting their unique paths, and picking up on some big life lessons along the way. In this series we will visit the farms, shops, market stands, and large scale event companies run by a current generation of flower farmers & florists who work with beautiful blooms everyday to bring cheer and magic to many. We’ll get a behind-the-scenes tour of these various operations, spotlighting their creativity, resourcefulness, hard labour, and collective love of flowers. Each segment will end with a step-by-step tutorial on building a signature floral creation inspired by each episode’s theme, and tools for budding flower lovers at all levels to re-create this for that show-stopping home decor that will WOW your next guests. Come for the warm feeling of flower-life magic, stay for the grit and humour as we roll up our sleeves and get our hands deep in the dirt with some of Eastern Ontario’s most exciting creatives.
Avi Federgreen, Jen Pogue
Jen Pogue
Director of Photography
Original Music Composer