In Production

Small Town Sins

Small Town Sins is a true crime series based in Midland Ontario. It’s host, Laura Tremblay, revisits previous murder cases that shocked the small town. Cases include the murder of Stephanie Hoddinott, the torture and murder of Susanna Balogh, the murder of constable Tom Coffin and the disappearance of Jake…


Home Free

Herb and Audry Homer have had a great love for over fifty years. Their daughters have not been so lucky. This anniversary, Herb and Audry have several surprises in store for their three very different daughters. This year, when the estranged daughters come home for the parent’s 50th anniversary celebration,…

Feature Film – Paris, ON (May 2015 – January 2024)

Holly Hobbie Season 3

A dreamer and a doer, Holly Hobbie has lived her whole life in the small town of Collinsville. Holly is a 13-year-old singer-songwriter who’s got her best friends and close-knit family by her side, but she’s dreaming of ways to save the world – even if it’s starting in her…

TV Series - Toronto / Hamilton (April 2021 - August 2021)


While trying to save up for nursing school, Ana takes a remote post as a personal care worker for a wealthy woman with early onset dementia. But as she grows close to her new client, Joan, Ana becomes concerned that Joan’s spoiled daughter, Carla, is trying to murder her to…

Feature Film – Hamilton, ON (November 2021 - April 2022)

Trouble In Suburbia / AKA The Price of Fitting In

Hoping to get her teenage daughter Charlie (Elizabeth Adams) back on the right track following a recent drug addiction, Amber (Lora Burke) transfers Charlie to a new high school. Charlie’s counselor Mr. Fell (Nick Smyth) encourages her to join his Robotics club so he can look out for her. Initially…

Feature Film - Hamilton, ON (February 2021 - June 2021)

For The Sake of Vicious

It’s the middle of a searing summer, the power is out across the city, Romina is returning home after work to find an unforgiving Chris holding a formidable Man hostage in her house, and he’s not letting anyone leave until he settles the score.

Feature Film - Guelph, ON (Sept. 2019 - Aug. 2020)