Are you TIFF Ready…

Are you TIFF Ready…


Well it’s that time again…yup that’s right TIFF is here!

Do you think you’re prepared for one of the biggest and most important festivals, markets and opportunities to pitch your film in the world?

TIFF is one of the best times to pitch your film to producers and/or distributors and you want to make sure you’re ready.

There are a number of things you should do to prepare.  Make sure that you register and get yourself an industry pass.  By getting an industry pass you will have access to a list of all the industry delegates attending TIFF.  This is one of the most important lists you can have access to.  This list contains all the Producers, Sales Agents, Buyers, Distributors, etc.  You should then go through the list and research all of the possible people that you would like to set up meetings with during TIFF.  Once you have researched all the people you would like to meet with to discuss your film, you should send an introductory email and request a meeting at their convenience.  I would not get into the details of your film in the email but you MUST make sure that the genre of your film goes along with what the production company, producer, or distributor is looking for.

You should also put together at the very least a one pager on your film.  The front page should be an image relating to your film and of course the title and log line.  Then the back side should be a short synopsis, bios of the Producer, Writer, Director along with contact information of the producer.  I would have these on the ready so that you can present them at your meetings at a moments notice.  You should also have business cards on the ready.

You should try and set up as many meetings as possible and make full use of these meetings to try and generate a long-term relationship.  Make sure you’re well prepared for the meetings.  That you know and can pitch your project well without having to refer to anything.  You need to be relaxed, confident and personable.  Make sure that you don’t do all the talking and that the person you’re meeting with is engaged in what you’re pitching to them.  Show them you’re interested in them and their company.  If you can refer to some of the research you found out about them and their company, that always helps your cause.  The kiss of death is when you’re pitching a project to them like say a horror movie when all they produce or distribute is Romantic Comedies.  Again…research, research, research.

There will also be times when you’re out at a party, in an elevator, wherever, and you meet someone that you click with and that you might want to discuss your project at another time.  Save your pitch…get to know them on a personal level, then exchange cards and follow-up with an email to set up a formal time to get together to discuss your project.

TIFF could be a great place to get your film to the next level.  It’s all up to you.  Are you ready for TIFF?